If you are upgrading from a previous version of NP Subscriber or NP Subscriber PRO, please follow the applicable steps.

  • Upgrading from NP Subscriber (Free)
  •   If you're currently using NP Subscriber, you can carry over your subscriber list to NP Subscriber PRO with ease. Upload the PRO files to a different directory than your current Subscriber installation. Then, just follow the directions for installing the script. When you're done configuring the script and creating the first list (which, of course, will be the same list name, etc. as what you currently have), move your current subscribers.txt file so that it replaces the subscribers.txt that was just created with your new list. Then, run the upgrade.cgi file that is included.

    So, if I was upgrading, here is exactly what I would do:

    1. Rename my current Subscriber directory from http://ser.ver/list/ to http://ser.ver/list2/
    2. Upload all of the Subscriber PRO files to http://ser.ver/list/
    3. Follow the installation steps above to configure Subscriber PRO (which is in http://ser.ver/list/)
    4. Download http://ser.ver/list2/subscribers.txt from FTP (or get it from an online file manager) and upload it to http://ser.ver/list/my_new_list/
    5. Run http://ser.ver/list/upgrade.cgi
    6. Delete http://ser.ver/list/upgrade.cgi
    7. Celebrate! Weee!!
  • Upgrading from NP Subscriber PRO v1.0-1.2
  •   Follow these directions if you're upgrading from NP Subscriber PRO v1.0-1.2. NOTE: If you already ran the upgrade.cgi script from v1.3 RC2, you do not need to do it again. All upgrade.cgi does for PRO versions is reset the subscription dates for existing members to the new format (as discussed in the version history notes).

    1. Upload all of the CGI files except for firstrun (remember: ASCII!!).
    2. Run upgrade.cgi (selecting, of course, that you're upgrading from PRO).
    3. Follow the on-screen directions for upgrading. You need to run the update for every list that you have.
    4. Login to a list a go to "Edit Script Variables." Set your date and time variables, and click Edit.
  • Upgrading from NP Subscriber PRO v1.3-1.4 RC1
  •   There is currently no real upgrading that needs to be done if you're running v1.3. Just upload all of the files so that they replace the current ones. The upgrade script doesn't need to be run. NOTE: This may change with new features added before a final v1.4 release.

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