There are a number of things that you may encounter while using NP Subscriber PRO. Most problems are server-related and/or a problem with the script's configuration. Here are some common problems and their solutions.

  • Problem: I keep getting internal server errors and I have no idea what's causing them. My path to Perl and permissions are set correctly.
  • Solution: A huge number of things can cause a server error. To try and pinpoint what specifically is causing the problem, try this. Open up the .cgi file that's giving you the problem. Now, uncomment (remove the #) the line that says "use CGI::Carp qw( fatalsToBrowser );" and re-upload the file. Now, redo whatever it is you were doing when the error popped up, and you should now see an error message that actually tells you what's wrong. If you don't get the special formatted message, and instead get the generic server error page, then your path to Perl is wrong or the server might be having CGI problems.
  • I get a blank screen after submitting the form in firstrun.cgi.
  • This is most likely a permissions problem. If you've done the above, and it is giving you an error about how the plugins directory can't be created, then it is a permissions problem. That is unless, as the message says, you've already created the plugin directory. In this case, you should delete the directory and try again. Now, if the directory hasn't been created, but you're getting the error, then it is a permissions error. In this case you need to change the permissions of the directory. Try modifying the permissions (CHMOD) to 777 (which is rwxrwxrwx). If you have shell access, you may also try to modify the Owner of the folder so that it's "apache" "www-data" or whatever your server software shows as its user.
  • I can't get any mail to be sent out.
  • First, make sure the path to the the mail program is correct. Also, remember that the script requires Sendmail, Blat, or a mail program that is compatible with the message format of either of them. If you're using Sendmail, and you know for sure that the path is correct, open up subscriber.cgi and unsubscribe.cgi (they're the only files that have mail routines). Replace every instance of "open (MAIL, "|$mailprog -t")" with "open (MAIL, "|$mailprog")" and re-upload them. Make sure you replace it as stated above, and not just replacing a portion of it, since this can cause some problems. But basically, all it's doing is removing the -t switch. Also, if you've included any custom command line options, delete them, and see if it works. If it still doesn't work, there may be problems with mail on your host, and I recommend that you contact them (that is, if their mail server is up...).
  • On some forms, I submit stuff, but it doesn't seem to be processed after I hit enter.
  • Make sure you click the submit button instead of just hitting enter. This seems to fix the problem just about every time, especially if you're using an older browser.
  • Nothing is being written to my vars.txt (and/or subscribers.txt, confirm.txt, etc.) file, but I didn't have a problem creating the file(s) with firstrun.cgi (or another function).
  • This is almost always because of incorrect file/directory permissions. By default, the script sets the permissions of the text files to 700, meaning that the script can read/write/execute the file, but it cannot be viewed or downloaded by anybody else. This can cause problems on some servers. Log into your account by FTP or however you normally do, just make sure that the method allows you to modify permissions (CHMOD). Locate all of your text files (including the tmp_ip file that stores your IP address while you're logged in) and CHMOD them to 755 (which is -rwxr-x-r-x). Also CHMOD your Subscriber PRO and all of your list directories the same way. This should solve the problem. If you were able to create the files, but not edit them, then chances are you couldn't edit them because the server wasn't configured to allow a script to be the owner of the file, and therefore, it couldn't write when set to 700. If you still can't log in and/or edit files, I recommend contacting your host and stating your problem.
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