Welcome to the NP Subscriber PRO User's Manual. This collection of HTML documents will help you use NP Subscriber PRO to its fullest potential. I strongly recommend that you read through this manual before using NP Subscriber PRO. Please select the topic you wish to cover from the list.

Script Version: 1.4
Manual Version: 20050326
Released: 3/26/05

Table of Contents
  • Installation -- How to get the script up and running.
  • Upgrading -- How to upgrade from Subscriber (free) or a previous version of Subscriber PRO.
  • Form Tags -- Covers all of the different subscription form tags.
  • Query-Based Subscription -- Explains how query-based subscribing works, and why you may (or may not) want to use it.
  • Slots -- How the slots system works.
  • Groups -- How the groups feature works.
  • Bounced Email -- Instructions on how to implement bounced email filtering with Subscriber PRO.
  • SQL -- Information on using the optional SQL database backend.
  • Troubleshooting -- Some common problems you may encounter.
  • Version History -- Every version's release date and feature set.
  • Support
  • NPScripts.com -- The source for the latest news and downloads related to NP Subscriber PRO. Also, you can find the support forum through the website.
  • Email -- Email me with your comments, questions, suggestions, etc. directly.
  • Links
  • Sendmail.com -- The website for the commercial version of Sendmail.
  • Sendmail.org -- The website for the free (open source) version of Sendmail.
  • Blat -- The website for Blat.