NP Subscriber v2.0

Packing features that most premium scripts don't, NP Subscriber is the best choice for webmasters seeking a powerful mailing list script without an expensive price tag. Featuring such premium features as subscription confirmation, a complete web interface, automatic subscribing/unsubscribing, banning, and much more, NP Subscriber is easily the most bang-for-your-buck mailing list script available!

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What's New for 2.0:

  • SPAM Guard: This requires a delay between subscription requests to prevent somebody from spamming an address with confirmation requests and bogging down your server.

  • Variable Safety Net: The header and footer often get symbols in them that cause the script to exit with an error. The script now catches these symbols to prevent these errors.

  • Unsubscribe Link: You can include a link in your message that the recipient can click to unsubscribe from the list.

  • Message Templates: You can create a template of text and/or html that will appear in the message box when you go to create a message. This is helpful if you include the same text in every one of your messages.

Retained features:

  • Automatic subscribing and unsubcribing meaning you don't have to add/take off each subscriber individually.
  • Everything is conifgurable from a web admin interface! No hand-editing variables!
  • Hides email addresses on outgoing mails. This way the email is to the subscriber only. They can't see all of the email addresses that the message is sent out to.
  • Customizable header and footer output pages.
  • Complete control over archiving of messages. You decide what messages you want to archive and what to name to file. You can view the archives and/or delete them with the click of a mouse!
  • Allows you to ban email addresses.
  • Requires confirmation from the subscriber if you want it. It will send them a 5 digit code that they must enter on a special screen in order to put them on the list. This prevents people from entering fake addresses or addresses that aren't theirs.
  • Prevents a subscriber from subscribing twice.
  • Lets you know when your version is out of date.
  • IP Checking for Admin Areas: Instead of the script authenicating through the URL alone, the script checks the IP address of anybody wanting to use an admin feature. When you go to log in to the admin panel, your IP address is logged to a file (which by default is CHMOD'ed to 700 so it's not viewable to the public), and it's checked everytime thereafter. If you change your IP address while in the admin screen, you'll have to re-enter your password to get back in to the admin panel.
  • HTML Messages: When you send an outgoing message to all of your members, you can decide whether you want to use HTML or regular plain text. Whatever you choose is sent to all of your members. NP Subscriber PRO has a more dynamic feature for HTML messages if you're interested in sending two different formats at once.
  • Filters Bad Addresses: pick@booger and @blah won't clog up your confirm.txt file.
  • Message Previewing: You can preview your message before you send it on its way to all of your subscribers.

** NOTE ON HTML MESSAGES: PRO version allows subscribers to choose which form they want to receive. When the webmaster sends a message, they can elect to send an HTML version as well a plain text version. If they elect to send only text, the HTML subscribers will still receive the plain message. They can also choose to force the sending of HTML messages. With the regular version, the webmaster chooses what type of message encoding they want to use, and that is sent to all members.

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