Plugins expand the abilities of NP Subscriber PRO. They are snippets of Perl code that interact with NP Subscriber PRO through a series of instructions.

Descriptions for all of the currently available plugins are below. If you want to download a plugin, you must be a registered user of NP Subscriber PRO (meaning you must purchase it). However, this list is made viewable to the public so that you can see what is currently available before you purchase NP Subscriber PRO.

The documents with complete instructions for creating plugins will be available shortly.

Come Back v1.0

  • Date Added: 1/13/03
  • Author: Mr. BS
  • Download

The Come Back plugin allows you to email old subscribers. That is, the people that have left the list. You supply a subject and message to the email. Just insert a special tag in the message, and a link will be generated for the person to click. Once they do, they are removed from the old list and put on the active subscribers list. Plus, all of their information is carried over automatically.

Form Generator v1.3

  • Date Added: 11/29/02
  • Author: Mr. BS
  • Download

This plugin allows you to generate the HTML code that is necessary for a subscription form. The plugin asks you for the following information:

  • Subscription Method - Do you want to give your subscribers a choice of which lists they want to subscribe to or unsubscribe from?
  • Select Lists - Check the boxes of the lists which you want to give the option of subscribing to or unsubscribing from.
  • Allow HTML Subscription - Do you want to give the option of choosing between HTML or plain text subscription?
  • Allow Unsubscribe - Do you want to give the option of allowing a person to unsubscribe by entering their address?
  • What Additional Info/Slot fields you wish to put in the form.
  • What Groups you would like to put the subscriber in, if any.

Version 1.3 adds support for the new subscriber grouping feature.

After you submit the form, you're given the HTML code you need based on what you want. The plugin really saves time if you make many different types of subscription forms. Plus, it eliminates the possibility of formatting the HTML incorrectly.

Link Tracker v1.0

  • Date Added: 03/29/02
  • Author: Mr. BS
  • Download

This plugin lets you, er... obviously, track links. You simply load the plugin in NP Subscriber PRO and enter a desired link ID and it's corresponding URL. Then, in your messages, you simply link to the included link.cgi file with the ID attached and it'll log every click on that link. For example, if you wanted to link to Google's website, you would have the following:

  • ID: google
  • URL:
  • Link: http://path/to/link.cgi?google

Anytime anybody visits http://path/to/link.cgi?google, a click would be recorded. You can view the stats of all of your links at anytime within the NP Subscriber PRO admin area.

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