Creating Plugins For NP Subscriber Pro

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  The purpose of this document is to show you how to create a plugin for NP Subscriber Pro with minimal fuss or fine details. It will mostly be taught by example. It will start with an overview of the basics of the script works and then how to integrate your plugin with a working example. It is required that you have a good knowledge of the Perl language beforehand (nothing terribly advanced, but this is not intended for beginners). I will assume that you know how to interact with form variables, open and modify files, work around directories, and more.

What You Will Need

  • NP Subscriber PRO Script -- installed and working (preferably with multiple lists).
  • Perl knowledge as mentioned above...
  • A copy of the demo plugin if you want to follow along instead of typing it all out yourself (lazy...). Download it here.
  • That's about it...

What the Demo Plugin Will Do

  • Lists all lists you have.
  • Lists in order of number of subscribers.
  • Creates a log of results.
  • Basically, it's the Stats screen but checks all of your lists at once and logs the results.

Legal Stuff

When it comes to plugins you create, you are free to distribute as you wish, as long as they are FREE. You cannot sell plugins. Plugins are meant to extend the value and power of NP Subscriber PRO, not as a way to get more money out of customers.

When you've finished a plugin, you can make it available on your website and/or on this one. If you want it listed, please email with the following: Plugin Name, Author Name, URL where I can download the plugin, URL you want listed as credit, such as to your website (if applicable). All plugins are uploaded to this server and put up for download in the NP Subscriber PRO Members Area. Imporant Note: Plugins with questionable purposes won't be listed. This includes things meant to stress servers, SPAM, collect addresses (spiders), or any other activites I don't like. I reserve the right as to what I will list on my website.

When you're ready to proceed, click here.

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