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Subscriber Pro builds on the already powerful Subscriber to provide an even easier to use script with many advanced features you won't find in many other mailing list scripts. Subscriber Pro includes support for an unlimited number of lists, seperate per-list authentication, Sendmail and Blat mailer support, bounced address filtering, timeout prevention, an optional SQL database backend, a powerful plugin interface, and so much more.

Subscriber Pro previously cost $100, but as of October 2006, it is now free. Donations are welcome. :)


In addition to all of the features of NP Subscriber, you also get all of the following with NP Subscriber PRO (not a complete list of all features):

  • Unlimited # of Lists: Create and manage all the lists that you want from the same script!

  • Two Levels of Administration: Each list has its own login. Futhermore, there is an overall admin password that is used to configure the script. This administrator can access and edit any list. This feature enables you to have control over all of your mailing lists, while allowing other users to manage individual lists.

  • SQL Database Backend: If you have access to an SQL database, then you will probably be able to use it to speed up management of large lists in Subscriber Pro. The script is tested mainly with MySQL and lightly tested with PostgreSQL, but should support many others as well since no database-specific datatypes or functions are used.

  • Bounced Address Filtering: If you are able to forward email to a script, then Subscriber Pro can be configured to catch emails that have bounced back. Then, at your discretion, you can delete the addresses that have bounced from your lists.

  • Multiple Mail Programs: Subscriber Pro supports both Sendmail and Blat. So, whether you're running Unix or Windows doesn't matter. Plus, support for other programs is easy to integrate.

  • Query-Based Subscription: Not only can people be subscribed using a form, but they can also now be subscribed by simply providing a properly formatted URL to subscriber.cgi! The query-based subscription option includes support for ALL of the fields that the form does. This is useful if you already have user information and you want to let them subscribe by simply clicking a link.

  • Multi-List Un/Subscribe: You can allow your members (through a form) to subscribe or unsubscribe from multiple lists at once! Plus, confirmation by email works for multi-list subscriptions and unsubscriptions!

  • HTML/Plain Text Messages & Subscriber Options: A potential subscriber can choose whether they want to receive HTML or plain text messages (or, you can force them to subscribe to the one you want with a hidden field). You can also choose if you even want to send HTML messages. If you elect to, the HTML subscribers will receive the HTML message, and the others will receive the plain text version. If all you want to send is plain text, then all of your subscribers will receive that email (even the HTML subscribers). You can also force the script to send HTML to all users.

  • Additional and Unlimited Subscriber Information: You can allow subscribers to add their name, mailing address, and phone number. Plus, the exact date and time of when they were added to the list is recorded! Futhermore, you can add as many other fields as you want! So, if you wanted to know a subscriber's job, title, position, nickname, or whatever, you can now add a "slot" for it within the script, and collect the information. Plus, you can even include the information in outgoing messages!

  • Subscriber Grouping: You can manage demographic information with no problems in NP Subscriber PRO. Group subscribers after they've subscribed based on a certain field, search for subscribers matching certain information to place in a group, or have the script group them as they subscribe. Create targeted mailings all within the same list!

  • Complete Subscriber Control: You can unsubscribe, ban, and view/edit the information of any subscribers from one screen! Plus, what information that is immediately displayed about each member can be configured, and you can sort by different fields.

  • Search Subscribers: Have a large list? Don't want to scroll through the whole subscriber's list to find the two people on your list from a certain domain? Well then, just search the subscriber list for that domain. You'll get the same results you would from the list screen, but in a narrowed-down format.

  • Un/Subscribe SPAM Guard: Prevent somebody from entering an email address and constantly clicking subscribe (or unsubscribe)! When a person requests to be subscribed (if you require it), they're required to authenticate the email address they have entered by getting a special code from an email that is sent to them. This leaves the door open for somebody to constantly submit requests for the same address, causing them to be spammed. However, with SPAM guard, the person is required to wait a certain amount of time (which you choose) between requests. The same thing applies when somebody requests to be unsubscribed from a list.

  • Unsubscribed Member Tracking: The information from people that have left a list is stored. If they subscribe again, the script will greet them as a returning subscriber.

  • Ban Domains: Don't want people using free email accounts to sign up? Simply ban email addresses with free mail domains such as Hotmail and Yahoo.

  • Plugins: Plugins allow Subscriber Pro to be expanded by providing a simple interface for programmers. Check out the plugins page to see what is currently available.

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