Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this script work on my Windows NT/2000/2003 server?
    The script was created to work best on Unix servers. However, Windows servers shouldn't encounter any problems. I fully test the script on Windows locally. The Blat emailer is supported. The script should be able to work on Windows servers that support Blat. As always, I recommend trying the free version first, and possibly some other script on the net that uses Blat, before buying NP Subscriber PRO.

  • How many subscribers can this script handle?
    The number of subscribers is limited by only one thing: what your server can handle. Each email is sent (and formatted) individually and takes up a great deal of resources for large lists. On Unix systems, you should be able to mail very large lists. On systems that can't handle the fork() command, browser timeouts will more than likely happen on very large lists. However, browser timeouts don't always mean that the mailing operation will stop. If you have a large list and you've been able to mail all of your members without any problems, I'd like to know! Email me at webmaster @ and tell me how many people are on your list.

  • Will NP Subscriber PRO work with my SMTP mail server?
    No. However, stay tuned for future versions to support more mail servers.

  • Is it possible to keep my subscribers list from NP Subscriber and use it in NP Subscriber PRO?
    Yes. There is a script included with NP Subscriber PRO that will upgrade the list and instructions on how to do so are in the README.

  • Is it possible to import my subscriber list from other mailing list scripts?
    Yes. However, they must be in the format of:
    That is, each mailing address is followed by a line return. You'd have to upload the list as subscribers.txt and put it in the directory of the list that you want it to be for. Then, you'd run the upgrade.cgi script that is mentioned in the above question to format it correctly for NP Subscriber PRO. May sound complicated, but really, it's not. Also, I'm looking into ways to important various styles of lists. If you have particular questions, please email me. I've written some converters for users in the past that have converted lists from other programs, and would be glad to do so again.

  • Can I send attachments with my email?
    No. I don't know if this will be integrated into future versions or not. If it's going to be integrated, it will probably be done through a plugin, if anything. In the meantime, you can include links to files in your outgoing message, which is especially easy with an HTML message.

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