Feature Request

  Have an additional feature you would like to see for an existing script? Perhaps you have an idea for a new script? Or maybe you just have an idea for something you would like to see on the website. Then fill out and submit this form! Please be as descriptive as possible (I don't want to see something vague like, "Subscriber needs a better interface"), and remember that not everything will be honored naturally. Please be realistic with your request. Also, you will not be compensated in any form if your idea is eventually used.

  The purpose of this is to provide a central place (other than email obviously) where I can get suggestions on future improvements to scripts. While I can sit around and think of things people might like to see, it is impossible to know without feedback. Also, I get occasional feedback from current users, but I would like to see some ideas from potential users as well (for example, you would use Subscriber if it had blah). It also helps determine what are the most popular potential features instead of just having one user wanting X, and another wanting Y, while 200 other people are really wanting Z the whole time.

  Contact information is optional but preferred in the event I might have a question. However, this won't sign you up for any mailing lists or anything of that nature.


Thank you for your feedback!

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