Privacy Policy

  This privacy policy is meant to be simple and to the point.

  Anyway, let me make this very clear:

  • will never, ever, ever, ever to the power infinity cubed times pi release any information from any clients. Period.
  • The only information that I personally have would typically be an email address (and an IP address I suppose if I want to go looking through the web server logs). Buyers of Subscriber and Subscriber Pro will also be divulging their names, email address, and geographic location (typically just your ZIP code) to me. However, Clickbank does not forward me addresses or credit card numbers.
  • The only possible remote exception to my above policy is the rare possibility that information is needed by law enforcement. However, I don't fall for phishing, so please don't worry about your private information.

  Clickbank handles credit card processing. Their privacy policy can be found here.

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