This page will keep you as up-to-date as possible with script developments. You'll be able to download the latest version of the unfinished script. Something to keep in mind: scripts are "pre-release" for a good reason... They're not done! Basically, the script could (hah... could...) have bugs and documentation isn't complete. So, I don't recommend trying a pre-release unless you are sure about what you're doing. But overall, the scripts are still very useable and I welcome any comments and bug reports.

  • NP Form Mail

    - Version: 3.0 RC1
    - Date: 07/20/02
    - Notes: This is an experimental version of NP Form Mail. It may never be released formally because form mail scripts like this are traditionally easy to spoof. This script allows every field to be overridden. Referring URLs can be checked, but please keep in mind that this does not offer complete protection. Referrer spoofing is insanely easy to do. However, this script is still useful if you need form variables to be able to be overridden.
    - Download: NP Form Mail v3.0 RC1

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