NP Navigation v1.5

NP Navigation is a script designed to make keeping uniform designs easier for webmasters. You can do this already by using SSI to include a header/footer in your webpage, but if you ever changed the name of the files, you'd have to change the name on each page. Plus, if you wanted to include an SSI tag in that header/footer file, you were flat out SOL. NP Navigation bypasses this by loading inside of the CGI script, thus allowing SSI tags. Here's how it works... You specify the location of a file containg your desired header and another with the footer. When you call the script with the path to a webpage after it (like I have it on this website), it loads the webpage, takes the text from the header file and puts it above that webpage's text, and then puts the footer text below the webpage text. It may sound complicated, but it's not!


  • Free of advertisments or any links to NP Scripts
  • Only three variables to configure.
  • Very easy to expand.

Working Demo

  • The whole website uses NP Navigation (with a few modifications) to generate these pages.

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