NP Form Mail v2.5

NP Form Mail is a very simple form mail script that is VERY easy to configure and run. In fact, you only need to configure a few variables. This script is 100% FREE and requires no registration of any kind. You can download it by clicking the link below. Requires Sendmail!


  • Sends form data to you in an e-mail to the address you specify.
  • Sends names of fields along with the values (what the user entered).
  • Allows you to format the message that's displayed after the user submits the form (you can customize font, message, header, and footer).
  • Allows required fields. Meaning, if somebody leaves a field blank that you wanted them to fill out, it will tell them. It will also give the name of the field that was required and left blank. The form will not be e-mailed to you until they have filled out all of the required fields.
  • Allows auto-reply to the person that sent the form in.
  • Can send you the URL that used the script. This is useful in preventing leeching.
  • Can also show the person that sent the form in what they sent in on the thank you page.

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