Frequently Asked Questions

  This page could very well have just been titled "ETC" instead of "FAQ" because of its nature. Some of the topics here cover scripting, but others don't... More specific help can be found under the specific script sections.

  • What do you do your coding with?
    Depending on how much I plan to do in a given session affects what I use. Small tasks I usually use GVIM or Notepad2 on Windows or KWrite on Linux. However, for longer coding sessions, I've grown to like Eclipse.

  • What do you use to test your scripts?
    I use Apache and Active Perl 5.8 for Windows XP, as well as Debian, which is currently running Perl 5.8 and whatever the latest stable kernel would happen to be when you read this. My host runs Linux and is a final testing ground.

  • Who is your host?
    This site is hosted on A Small Orange!

  • Do you do any custom programming?
    As of right now, no. I've been offered things in the past, but I have yet to really do any custom programming. That's not to say that I never will, it just means that I don't right now.

  • Why did you create a pay script?
    Simple. I wasn't getting any donations, and I really need the money (and yes, for more than a smoking PC). Plus, when there's money on the line, I think it gives me more incentive to create better products.

  • What kind of computer do you have?
    All of my PCs are hand built.

    The primary desktop I use is relatively new (put together in December 2005). It features an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (well... 3800+ for now), 2048MB of Corsair XMS (with those awesome, but rather useless, LEDs), a 300GB Maxtor drive, 80GB Western Digital (for Linux screwing around mostly), an Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard, and an XFX GeForce 7800 GT.

    My old desktop is now purely a development server (meaning it's super stable, I hope). It has an Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton), 1024MB of Corsair XMS RAM, two 120GB Maxtor drives in a RAID 1 array, an MSI K7N2 motherboard, and an XFX 256MB GeForce FX 5900. It runs Debian Linux.

    I also have an HP zv5000z laptop featuring an Athlon 64 3000+.

    So do I have some brand loyalties? I suppose. Everything I have (well, every computer that is still operational I should say) is running on an AMD processor, with an NVIDIA GPU. Both of my active desktops have Corsair memory, and they are housed in an Antec case. So, I suppose those would be my loyalties (though the AMD and NVIDIA ones are the strongest... the others are mostly pure coincidence)

  • Do you listen to any particular type of music?
    Yup... A pretty broad range too, although my favorite overall genre is electronic. Namely, happy hardcore and trance. However, I also love breakbeat, jungle, and techno. The only electronic music I haven't really gotten into a lot is house. But regardless, if you have an interest in eletronic music, I highly recommend checking out Digitally Imported for some great trance and even hardcore (in association with

  • Are you currently employed or a student?
    Yes, I'm a dotcom millionaire! Actually, I'm a poor college kid... Please buy my scripts... I'm currently enrolled at Marshall Univsersity pursuing a BS in Computer & Information Technology through the Integrated Science and Technology Department. My emphasis is in software development with a minor in math. I have also had summer employment (read: internships) with NW3C and most recently ProLogic.

  • What other languages are you experienced with?
    Mostly English, with a dose of Spanish... Programming languages? Perl, C++, Java, PHP, and Python. Visual Basic, too... mumble mumble...

  • Are your pay scripts ever going to be free?
    Well of course one day I'm sure they will be. However, I don't have any timetable. Rest assured that if you are a recent purchaser (that is, within the 30 day window that Clickbank allows refunds) whenever the script is made free, you will receive a refund.

  • Are you ever going to offer script installation?
    The chance of this happening approaches zero as time progresses (yeah, I should've said something like "time approaches infinity" or "my life approaches infinity" but frankly those sound dumb to me, sorry). So basically, it's looking unlikely.

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