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  NPScripts started with the release of Form Mail in the Fall of 1999. It was started it mainly just to be a learning experience. I chose Perl as the language because I wanted to create something that had immediate useful applications on the web. At the time I started learning, PHP had not quite exploded in popularity yet, and Perl was already well established as a language of choice for dynamic web applications. (as a complete separate domain, etc.) was launched in March of 2002. This coincided with the first release of Subscriber Pro. As of January 2006, four full updates of Subscriber Pro have been released. The free version of Subscriber surpassed 6000 downloads by the end of 2005 (counter started in March 2002), and remains one of the highest rated mailing list scripts at both the CGI Resource Index and Hotscripts. I'm rather happy with those results considering this is a one man venture with absolutely no advertising budget.

  My "vision" for NPScripts when I started serious development (first version of Subscriber) was to create something that was simple to install and use without sacrificing features. Does that ever sound like a generic business statement or what? :) But frankly, I've received plenty of emails from users who were pleased by the ease of use of Subscriber. As a user of other web applications, I appreciate it when the developer has taken the time to create, for example, an installation program that minimizes how much has to be done manually. This was what I was going for with Subscriber, and I like to think that I have more or less succeeded with it.

  Going forward, this website will be a collection of whatever I end up writing in my spare time. Essentially, this has what it has always been. However, it will by no means be limited simply to Perl scripts. As far as what might be a specialization of the site in the future (since it's mailing lists right now), I would have to say that would be whatever I think Google wants to throw millions of dollars at in a swift buyout. :) Seriously though, I really can't say. I might even end up writing some HOWTO's and whatnot. All I know for sure is that I'll probably still rely on simple links to get 98% of my traffic. So to you, the visitor who actually read all of this (or at least a chunk of it), I thank you for your visit. If you want more information on me, and not so much NPScripts, check out the FAQ.

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