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Common Header

Postby turkman » Wed Oct 17, 2007 2:54 pm


The admin.cgi and subscriber.cgi scripts both use a "common" file to reference shared routines ...

I added some <style> to the page header routine in the "common" file to customize the look of the pages. Interestingly, the admin.cgi script correctly renders the common header routine BUT the subscriber.cgi does not -- a view source shows that the header content doesn't even show up.

Can you shed some light on this? Thanks in advance,

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Postby Admin-BS » Wed Oct 17, 2007 4:25 pm

There is no way to universally change the header on both admin.cgi (which manages the script overall) and subscriber.cgi (which manages individual lists). If you want to change the header you should go through the edit variables screen for whatever you wish to change.

Also, contrary to what the name of "common" may imply, it seems that the header/footer functions in that file really aren't used widely in the subscriber.cgi script... This is probably just the result of the "common" file being added in a later release, and the old way of doing it was never changed. I'm amazed at my own laziness sometimes. :)

Oh well... The replacement to Subscriber will be out whenever I actually get some spare time.
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