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July 5, 2010

Wow... Almost four years. But, I'm still alive! Massive changes coming sometime soon, probably.

October 24, 2006

  Another long break without any updates, imagine that! You may be wondering where that new version of Subscriber Pro is. Well, it's basically non-existant. My summer proved to be much more eventful than I could have ever planned on, and I didn't end up really working much at all on the rewrite of Subscriber Pro. Since I didn't complete it this summer, it is not going to be done. I am much too concerned with actually graduating on schedule, and working on my massive, massive capstone project. That's one project that if it ends up materializes as planned, you will definately hear about it, even though it's not related at all to any of the other content on this site.

  It is because of these long delays, my complete lack of time, and some assorted other facts, that I have made some decisions in regards to this website. As of right now, Subscriber Pro will be made free (free as in beer for now... free as in speech eventually probably). For those of you over the past couple of years that actually supported me purchasing both paid version of Subscriber, I cannot possibly thank you enough. I've received so many kind remarks from users in the past that it really made everything worth it.

  I've gotten burned a couple time with chargebacks from some (apparently) fraudulent charges, and really the most recent one is the final one that broke my back. When it takes over three months to say that a charge is apparently not of your doing, I begin to wonder if somebody is actually lying... Regardless, this was just one of the small reasons I have given up the commercial route.

  From here on out, everything will be purely donation driven. If you find something useful, and especially I'd say if you make some money using it, I'd appreciate a donation. Everything will be handled by Paypal, and all of the details are on page you can get to through the usual menu on the left... I'm not going to sit here and beg for donations because honestly I really don't expect much at all given the lack of new stuff around here...

  So what will become of this website? It will remain here obviously storing everything you currently see. I'll continue to give tech support through the forum and by way of email. will slowly start transforming beyond the current realm of Perl scripts, and will eventually just be a collection of whatever I write and feel like releasing. I'm hoping that not having commercial burdens hanging over my head and all of the pressure to release stuff associated with that might give me back some of my flashes of inspiration to sit down for a couple days at a time and bang out something that is actually neat and perhaps useful. Only time will tell.

  Once again I want to thank everybody who has supported this one-man venture since I first released a terrible form mail script as a learning experience in 1999. I was actually a freshman in high school when I did that, and since then I think I've gotten a touch better at writing software. I hope you will all see some examples of actually good design and coding in the near future, unlike what is currently here. ;)

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